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stick stuck in bike wheel


  • Adjustments Tune 85

    • Align and adjust brakes
    • Adjust cable tension and derailleur alignment
    • Adjust headset
    • Inspect bottom bracket
    • Inflate tires
    • flat fix/re-juice tubeless sealant labor included with this package
  • Standard Tune 110

    • Everything listed in the Basic Tune
    • Lateral and vertical wheel true
    • Adjust hub bearings
    • Chain installation labor included with this package
  • Full Tune 189

    • Everything listed in Standard Tune
    • Full removal of drivetrain components for deep clean
    • Shift cable and brake cable install labor included
  • Complete Overhaul 399+

    • Everything listed in the Full Tune
    • Complete bike disassembly and all drivetrain parts cleaned
    • Bearings replaced or serviced
    • Includes standard cable and housing
    • Includes hydraulic brake bleed and fluid
  • Single Speed Tune 65

    • Align and adjust brakes
    • Torque all fasteners
    • Hubs and headset adjusted
    • Bottom bracket inspected
    • Inflate tires
    • flat fix/re-juice tubeless sealant and chain installation labor included with this package

All additional services added to packages are discounted 20% of the listed cost

Tire Services labor only

  • Standard Tube $15.00
  • Tubeless Rejuice $15.00
  • Tubeless Setup includes rim inspection $40.00
  • Internal Hub includes shifting inspection $30.00
  • Hub Drive (E-bike) $45.00

Brake Services labor only

  • Brake Bleed (mineral oil) $50.00
  • Brake Bleed (DOT Fluid) $55.00

Drivetrain Services labor only

  • Chain install $20.00

Don’t see the service you are looking for? Ala Carte labor starts at $25.00 and are charged the shop rate of $100.00/hour after the first 30 minutes. Please call for details.

  • Prices reflect labor done and do not include parts or accessories
  • Additional charges for other services and installations may apply